Monday, July 25, 2011

Posting Again!

Hey guys, real sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've just haven't had the time. today I really want to show you a pic I took a while back, I was in a hotel lobby and there was these birds, surprisingly the turned out to be penguins! The waddled around acting cute, but there was this one penguin who seemed to be left out. He was almost totally bald. and he seemed like he was pecking more of his feathers out. It was a perfect muse for a photo, and luckily I had my camera with me. It just goes to show you, sometime different things make the prettiest art.
hope you still like my blog,
p.s a little project you can try is to bring a camera everywhere you go, even if it's just a cellphone, and take pictures of lots of different things.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some/ One

Hey guys sorry I haven't posted in a while. Today I have a sculpture that will blow your mind! It's amazing! This was made in 2001 by a Korean artist named Do-Ho Sun. What makes this sculpture amazing is that it's made out of 40,000 military dog tags. But these aren't ordinary dog tags, these dog tags have fake names and words on them, not like the ones that they use in the military. I love this sculpture and I love the effort that people put into what they love to do. I'm so happy! It's finally summer where I am! That means, no school!

hope you like my blog,
p.s you can make art like you've seen on my blog just find some recycled items and glue, string, or tape and put them together.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Mann und Maus

Hello People that are reading this blog right now! Just a reminder, June 1st is Love the Earth day! Today I have a sculpture for you, it was made by the German artist, Katharina Fritsch. And it took one year in the 90's to make this! Isn't the mouse so cute! But honestly if i saw a black mouse standing over me while I was sleeping I'd be pretty freaked out, wouldn't you? But as you know this is art where, your imagination can run wild! On another note me and my friend went shopping the other day and found this store with really cute clothes for a awesome price! And even though I know that this isn't a fashion segment heres the web adress... . I LOVE their clothes!
alright thats all I have to say
hope you like my blog...
p.s check out this person who makes funny videos on her name is Brittani Louise Taylor!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Caterpillar Suit :0

Hello readers of this blog! I have been thinking lately and I really thought about what it would be like if there would be no wars. I mean everyone thinks about that in their life but, why do we have to kill each other to prove something? Can't we just find some other way to solve our differences. These are lives we are losing to just Prove a point. Come on people we are humans, and we can surely find another way to solve our differences. Alright time for todays sculpture! Today I'm showing you another piece of art from the SAM museum, this is called caterpillar suit, these are caterpillar suits I and III. These cool sculptures are made entirely out of barbed wire, by a Canadian named Walter Oltmann. it took him from 2007 to 2008 to make these works of art. I personally love these sculptures!!! Hope you do too!
Hope you like my blog
p.s try to go green for one day! take the bus to work or school, maybe ride your bake or walk, get some exercise and maybe jog around your neighborhood or have your friends and colleagues try to use as minimal paper as they can! Tell your friends or family that on June 1st we're gonna... LOVE THE EARTH!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hello Viewers! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, but here I am sitting at my computer typing up another post! OK yesterday I went to the SAM museum of art and took some pictures of a lot of things that were very modern and cool, but this statue I'm showing you today is my favorite statue of all time! It's called Le Sumeur/ Sunlight and Flies. this amazing sculpture is made completely out of glass bottles, silicone, and rubber corks, along with that the piece that makes up the face is a mirror. I am very interested in things that are made up of everyday materials. It makes me think that if we try and keep to it we can make some of this modern art. It think that this sculpture made by Jerry Pethick really captures that.

Hope you like my blog
p.s this sculpture took 18 years to make (1984-2002)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


HEY! I've decided to take a little break of statues for a while because my really good friends HPK has gave me some drawings to put on my blog, but that gave me a good idea. Are you good at drawing because I am going to have a drawing contest! Draw some art, it could be anything, the winner gets to have its drawing posted on my blog along with getting its photo with a description at the top of my blog! make sure to sign your photo so i can identify that you actually had drawn it.
hope you like my blog
p.s your signature can just be a smiley face or your initials just make sure to date it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Blog Status

Hey readers! I am really appreciative to the people who have read my blog, it means a lot to me to see that people are hearing my voice and my outlook at life. I'm sorry to say that I wont be posting for a while due to the fact that I haven't got a chance to visit an art museum, also the fact that my school is out for Spring break. I really would like to hear your comments and opinions on art.
see you later
p.s you might of heard this before but, live life to the fullest and you'll go far!