Monday, May 30, 2011

Mann und Maus

Hello People that are reading this blog right now! Just a reminder, June 1st is Love the Earth day! Today I have a sculpture for you, it was made by the German artist, Katharina Fritsch. And it took one year in the 90's to make this! Isn't the mouse so cute! But honestly if i saw a black mouse standing over me while I was sleeping I'd be pretty freaked out, wouldn't you? But as you know this is art where, your imagination can run wild! On another note me and my friend went shopping the other day and found this store with really cute clothes for a awesome price! And even though I know that this isn't a fashion segment heres the web adress... . I LOVE their clothes!
alright thats all I have to say
hope you like my blog...
p.s check out this person who makes funny videos on her name is Brittani Louise Taylor!

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  1. That mouse is just too scary. I hope the artist never had any other nightmares. (and I hope you never do either)