Tuesday, April 26, 2011


HEY! I've decided to take a little break of statues for a while because my really good friends HPK has gave me some drawings to put on my blog, but that gave me a good idea. Are you good at drawing because I am going to have a drawing contest! Draw some art, it could be anything, the winner gets to have its drawing posted on my blog along with getting its photo with a description at the top of my blog! make sure to sign your photo so i can identify that you actually had drawn it.
hope you like my blog
p.s your signature can just be a smiley face or your initials just make sure to date it.


  1. pyoo, pyoopyoo BLLLLLLLOOOOOOOSSSSSHHHHH!!!!!

  2. Hope you get lots of responses, not from me 'though, you know I can't draw.

  3. O because sometimes people ad photos as a type of drawing for some contests